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Media Cloud

A clever solution bridges family with digital future. Inspur gives the entire family a common platform for connecting to the internet as well as television services devices such as tablets, smartphones and big screen Televisions.

Media Cloud Solutions

Inspur New Media Platform
Inspur is the leading vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider. Our fully int...
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Inspur IEOS Middleware Solutions
High-level Next Generation Middleware Goals
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Inspur Smart TV Dongle Solutions
Never miss an episode. Move your Inspur Stick to different HDTVs in your home or take it to a friend...
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Typical Application

Xiangtan GUOAN CATV: How to Give Digital TV Internet Wings [Introduction] Faced with the crossover competition and increasingly accelerated industrial integration, GUOAN realizes that it must embrace internet ... Empower an Intelligent Future >
How Shandong CATV Takes the ...
[Introduction] After the 4K channel land in Shando...
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The "Digital TV Dream" of Vi...
[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's digital TV ...
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How to Enable Taiwan CATV Us...
[Introduction] By introducing Inspur's STB-9832C s...
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